The company

The Vignaletto Paper Mill was founded as a private partnership in 1966, and then was transformed into a joint-stock company in 1976. The company facilities are located in Tre Ponti at S. Maria di Zevio (Verona Province), and cover a surface area of approximately 30,000 square meters, 9,600 of which are roofed over.

The company began its activities with a horizontal continuous machine, producing creped paper exclusively for use as toilet tissue. In 1983, thanks to the installation of new machinery, the company began to produce a complete range of tissue papers.

Vignaletto has distinguished itself since its beginnings for the reliability of its products, which over the years have grown from 6 to 130 tons a day of paper produced. In the year 2000, a new facility was opened in the Matera Province for the production of AIR LAID paper destined for use as tablecloths,


certificazione-fscAn Ecological Mindset

A paper mill must be aware that its very existence depends on new tree growth and sustainable cultivation strategies, as without these its activities would be greatly hindered.

The Vignaletto Paper Mill thrives thanks to these strategies, and gives preference to cellulose manufactured by those companies which adopt reforestation policies. The same environmental attitude has permeated the production process, as the company Impianto di cogenerazione has implemented a depuration and water recovery system, as well as a modern cogeneration system for the production of electricity, steam and hot water, using natural gas as fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere to a minimum.