Our products

he core business of the Vignaletto Paper Mill consists of high grade virgin semi-worked bleached cellulose.


The paper is produced in reels, wound and assembled in sheets of up to 4 ply, with 2 variable basis weights from 15tgo/m 45 g/m2, and is destined for the production of tissues, white and printed napkins (also with full backgrounds), normal and soft toilet paper, household and industrial paper towels, hand towels, tissue paper for sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.


The paper mill also produces a fair range of pastel colored papers. The two current production machines are a TWIN WIRE FORMER with a working height of 273 cm and a CRESCENT FORMER with a working height of 278 cm.
Both of these machines boast advanced technologies that allow for the production of highly resistant, soft and absorbent papers.



  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand Towel
  • Napkins
  • Paper for Diapers
  • Hanky
  • icon Bobine

Toilet Paper

Paper of pure cellulose. Sofficiency, volume and strength characterize the product.

Hand Towel

Paper of pure cellulose. Suitable for industrial and domestic use.


Paper of pure cellulose. Ii is a soft and durable product. Suitable for all processing.

Paper for Diapers

It is pure cellulose. Specific product for hygienic sanitary use.


It is pure cellulose. High strength and softness characterize the product.

Paper of pure cellulose. Sofficiency, volume and strength characterize the product.

A differentiated market

The most important national and European paper converters turn to the Vignaletto Paper Mill for products in cellulose. The company's flexibility is able to fully satisfy the demand of a market subject to continuous fluctuation. In fact, the goal of production does not lie in attaining large numbers, but in custom designed supply services that can address the needs of clients with lesser production destined for market niches.

The warehouses

The Vignaletto Paper Mill has ample storage space dedicated to raw materials, guaranteeing continuous production even during periods of difficult supply availability, and extended space dedicated to the storage of finished products, allowing it to satisfy the demand for immediate delivery to its clients.